Chief Marketing Technology Officer for Hire

The only way to prove the value of Marketing is to tie it to company revenue. Management must not only generate a direct benefit from dollars spent on Marketing, but also quantify it’s ROIUntil recently only the largest companies could afford the technology and personnel needed to convert traditional marketing KPIs into actionable information and use it to directly influence the top line. However, the rise of Marketing Automation and Marketing Technology has put this goal within the reach of every company.Hosted Marketing Automation solutions lower the level of technological sophistication needed for implementation and allow companies to align their monthly cost with their real-time level of activity.

Marketing is like putting a car on a race track. Marketing Automation is the engine and Content is the fuel, but a car needs a lot more to make it across the finish line.  You may have all the marketing talent on your team that you need, and a great marketing manager to drive the car.  But most companies are still missing someone to ensure all the parts work together in top operating order.  They need a  Chief Marketing Technology Officer – head mechanic and pit crew chief. For a small or midsize company, selecting and integrating all the technology is a front-loaded task. Once completed, the system just needs maintenance and an occasional tune-up to manage changing and new technology opportunities. Enter the CMTO for hire – you have one when you need one.  A CMTO for hire allows the company to stay focused on their core competencies while still taking advantage of the strategic gains created by fully utilizing Marketing Technology