According to a Brafton article on a study by the DAC Group , 71 percent of business purchase decisions in the United States start with a research conducted on a search engine.  The Google Search and Display Networks, accessed through AdWords, give you the opportunity to put your ads part in front of prospects that are searching for the products and services that you offer.

However, a  recent study by Wordstream shows that small businesses routinely waste 25% of their Pay-Per-Click budget.  While AdWords makes the process of jumping into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) quite simple, it also makes it very easy to waste money generating clicks and  impressions that don’t result in real business.   It also makes it easy to pay way too much for these clicks and impressions.

Our goal is not only to create relevant, cost-effective clicks and impressions, but also to be able to track that activity through your entire marketing and sales process.  This allows you to spend more on the campaigns that are truly driving revenue, and stop wasting money on those that are not.

AdWords is  a science, not guesswork.  By understanding the dozens of options and techniques available in the Adwords platform, as well as knowing how to measure the true ROI of AdWords activity, we can help you acquire the visitors and prospects that result in real business.  Whether you are just investigating SEM, or you want to refine your existing campaigns to improve your return, we can help.  Please contact for more information.