Bad data – Bad Excuse – #marketingautomation

The article below points out that many companies are not realizing the expected returns from their Marketing Automation efforts because of bad data.  Here is the key quote:

Almost half (49%) of those with marketing automation think that their data needs to be cleaned up. Database quality suffers because it includes the wrong data (55%) and is missing data (51%). Other issues include data decay, role formats, duplicates, information in the wrong fields and typos.

My opinion is that this is a just a poor excuse for not properly using the power of marketing automation.

I believe that most bad data comes from list-buying, rather than by developing prospects and leads organically.  The thought is that a list-buy is a shortcut to lead generation, but in reality is really just the digital equivalent “throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks”.

Even if you are forced to start with bad data, a few well planned campaigns can quickly separate the good from the bad.  Once that is accomplished, then you are ready to properly implement marketing automation, develop leads organically, and start down the path to developing quality leads for your sales team.


Source: Low Return on Marketing Automation? The Devil’s in the Data | CustomerThink