I’m an expert and do #marketingautomation blindfolded

We have all heard experts make the claim that they are so good in their field that they can “do it blindfolded.”  What they are really trying to imply is that by utilizing their expert talents, you can get to results fast and easy.  However, being an expert in something does not mean things instantly become fast and easy.  Faster and Easier, Yes.  But Fast and Easy, not always.

This is particularly true of a #marketingautomation implementation.  It takes a lot of analysis, study, and careful implementation to get the desired results.

Take a look at a real expert at work in this video.  The process takes about 2 minutes and 22 seconds from start to finish.  1 minute and 42 seconds are spent studying the problem and planning the solution.  40 seconds are spent executing.  That is about 71% in planning, 28% in execution.

That seems like a good ratio.  Now watch a true expert at work.