The Marketing Tech Landscape Isn’t As Scary As You Think – #marketingautomation

Everything you need to build a 21st century marketing automation is listed right in this Supergraphic.


But as Scott Brinker said in the article referenced below, don’t be scared.  And even though the updated version of the 2016 Marketing Technology Supergraphic should be out in just about a month with even more vendors and categories,  don’t let that scare you either.

Think of this chart as the inventory list for your local home improvement store.  If you wanted to build a house and someone handed you that inventory list and said, “Everything you need to build a house is right here,” you might get the same feeling as when you look at the Supergraphic and think about building your marketing operation.

Just like a home improvement project, you must first understand exactly what you want the finished product to look like.  In the case of Marketing, you need to define the functionality you want in your finished system: Brand Awareness, Lead Acquisition, Prospect Engagement, Improved Sale Closing Rates?

Can you achieve this as a Do It Yourself project or do you need an experienced designer, handy man, or general contractor to help you out?

I’ll be at ITEXPO East in Fort Lauderdale at the end of January if you needs some help sorting through all this.  Please feel free to contact me and set a meeting.  I look forward to seeing you there.

“Please, make the bad chart go away,” I’ve heard more than one marketer plead.I’ve been mapping the marketing technology landscape for the past five years. It’s mostly a labor of love…”

Source: The Marketing Tech Landscape Isn’t As Scary As You Think