The Death of the IP Deskphone

Those of you who have become followers of my blog or on twitter know that I write about Marketing and Marketing Technology.  However, in years prior, I wrote much more about Communications Technology, such as VoIP, webRTC , Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

While I haven’t recently written anything about Unified Communication and Communications Infrastructure issues, I recently received an email for a webinar with the title, “The Death of the Desktop IP Phone. BYOD Mobility or Bust!” While the title caught my attention, what was interesting is that the webinar is being presented by Mike Storella. Mike is one of the pioneers of the Desktop IP Phone, having previously been the VP of Customer Services for Pingtel and later COO of snom Technology. Both of these companies had tremendous impact on the development of the desktop IP Phone, so when Mike announced that he believes the desktop IP Phone is dead, I thought it was worth a mention here.

His premise is that the first thing many people do when they come to work is to forward their deskphone to their personal mobile device.  That way, they are not tied to their desk during the day.  However, this creates security and compliance issues for the company, not to mention that a number of features provided from the IP-PBX can be lost.

He will also be talking about the roll of OTT apps in business.  Originally, we all thought that the IP Deskphone would hold a repository of business oriented apps, but now the Smartphone and Tablet have taken over this role.

I think these are good points and the webinar is worth a listen.  Here is the link to “The Death of the Desktop IP Phone. BYOD Mobility or Bust!