Why Successful B2B #LeadGeneration Forms Are Like Blackjack Winners

I don’t understand the correlation between blackjack and asking for too much information.  Anyone who plays blackjack knows that every bit of info you have in blackjack increases your odds of beating the house.  Maybe the author wanted to attach this cool image of Sean Connery to the article, so I’ll do the same.

That point aside, the real take-away is that asking for less information when going for the conversion of a visitor to prospect is ALWAYS better.  You always have an opportunity to collect more information upon further engagement, but you can’t even start without getting that email address, getting them onto a segmented list and into a nurture campaign.


In the high stakes game of B2B lead generation forms, are you tempted to ask for too much information? Here’s how to play it cool for a winning hand. Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, is th…

Source: Why Successful B2B Lead Generation Forms Are Like Blackjack Winners