Create a #LeadNurturing Campaign Guaranteed NOT to Deliver Results

I was just going through my inventory of “things to write about later” and I found this one from almost two years ago that never made it to the top of my “write about it now” pile.  I have no idea why it never made it to the top, because it is a great quick read about what NOT to do when creating a nurturing campaign.

I’ve been on a bit of run lately writing about the use of marketing tools as I’ve recently met with a number of potential clients that are in the “I bought this thing, but it doesn’t seem to be working” stage of their do-it-yourself implementation of marketing automation.  As I always say, “Just because you know what to do with a hammer, doesn’t mean you know how to build a house.”

Implementing marketing automation is an involved process that takes lots of planning and content generation before you are in a position to achieve the expected benefits of such a program.

So here is  the funnelholic‘s concise take on this.  The comments after the article are also worth a look.

How to Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign Guaranteed NOT to Deliver Results.