Can Marketing Technology Grow Any Bigger? – You’re Kidding…Right?

I believe the title of the article below is kind of silly.   This market is exploding with growth and innovation.

In the article below,  Darren Guarnaccia, Chief Strategy Officer of Sitecore makes a great point about the cost of developing solutions.    He states, “It’s a lot easier to create a world-class software product today than it was 30, 20, even 10 years ago.”  The lower barrier-to-entry makes innovation easier.  However, what is missed completely in the article is that the low barrier-to-entry argument is also applicable to the implementation side.  Cloud Computing and SaaS enable even small and midsized businesses to implement very sophisticate Marketing Automation and Technology solutions without major capital expenditures and without a large marketing staff full of specialists.

This is where the real growth will take place over the next 5-10 years.  As the solutions become easier and less expensive to implement and maintain, the use of Marketing Automation and Technology will be be used in even the smallest companies.  This will be limited not by cost, but only by their ability to recognize the most effective ways to deploy these types of solutions within their own business.

Discussion Point: Can Marketing Technology Grow Any Bigger?.