An #autoresponderfail that someone should have tested

It’s seems that is not difficult to find examples of companies failing to pay attention to their implementation of their MAP, Email and other solutions.    I started pointing them out a few months ago in this post about an email I received from American Express.

It also seems that many of you enjoy reading about other people’s screw-ups, as that post was one of the most read/retweeted/shared posts I have ever made.  So here’s another.

This one was a simple autoresponder gone haywire.  I made one submission and received four “Thank You” emails.  You can see it was not a case of me hitting that submit button multiple times, since they came in over the course of 5 minutes.  If it was a “multiple click” issue, I would have expected to see them all in the same minute or two.

Advice for the day: test, test, test.