WebRTC Success stories. Non-existent or just a Marketing Fail?

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With WebRTC Conference & Expo starting today, I want to call your attention this article from back in March.  This technology continues to move quickly, but it is still a real challenge to find valid case studies.  I’m looking for those case studies with demonstrable results that show real benefits to either the top or bottom line of those companies that are deploying this technology.

I don’t know if this is because it is still too early for WebRTC to be producing these kinds of results, or is it just a Marketing failure because the WebRTC providers tend to be engineering driven companies who are not putting the correct resources into marketing their benefits and successes.  It seems that they are still mostly pushing product marketing, hoping that if they have the best product, the companies who already want/need/understand the potential benefits of WebRTC will find them.

One solid success story, properly marketed, can create dozens of new prospects.  Those prospects are well worth the pain, suffering and budget needed to corral the customer, get the story written, and then present it to an audience that may not even know that WebRTC is the answer that they have been seeking.