Getting the most out of a good piece of content

I saw a post last week asking about the steps needed to get started using Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.  I posted about the need to have one GREAT piece of content to drive that first dive into Content Marketing and Marketing Automation.  One solid white paper can be used on a landing page designed to convert qualified visitors.  LinkedIn and other on-line ads and key word linking in Press Releases and other online posts can all drive visitors to the landing page, driving conversions.  The effectiveness of every one of these components of the program can be measured to so that they can be tuned to create maximum benefit.  These measurements can then be used to demonstrate the success of that important first campaign.

The content from the paper can then be repurposed for a webinar, articles, extended or multi-part blog posts and drive speaking opportunities as industry events.

This article offers specifics in deep-dive into additional ways to reuse content.

Curation and Repurposing to Extend the Life of Your Content Marketing.