Know when it’s time to throw-out the playbook

Seth’s Blog: Kanri Yakyu.

I have always believed the process is important to business growth, especially when you want to create growth.  The creative entrepreneur can start a business and control everything.  However, once you reach a certain size, there needs to be process in place to make sure that all the things that the founder took care of personally still get done.

To put it on a numerical scale, I believe that with a competent core management team and a solid play book, any company can consistently score 90 out of a hundred.

If you have GREAT people, then you can take that score to 95.

However, the only way to achieve that elusive 100 is know when to throw out that playbook.  Put that same intuition, passion and instinct to work that was used to start that business and use it to drive the company to World Class status.