What decade is this guy writing from?

Internet SecuritySo, Anyone Concerned About All This ‘VoIP’ Stuff?.

I was really baffled when I was reading this article.  It took me a few times through, but I then realized that the author is using the term “VoIP” when he should be using the term “SIP Trunking”.  VoIP has been a part of Long-Haul Telephony for nearly fifteen years.  I’ve also read many times that the last PBX that did not have some VoIP capability (on both the station side and the trunk side) has already shipped.

He also quotes an expert who says “The most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-savings potential”.  Again, I ask what decade is he writing from?  In order to compete with the SIP providers, traditional telephone carriers have dropped prices to the floor.

The fact is that the move to VoIP is just the first step in unleashing all of the power of IP Communication.  This includes voice, video, presence, collaboration, FMC and UC.  Implementing these functions can truly improve a companies productivity and lower costs.  VoIP is just table stakes for  companies that want to take advantage of these gains.

I think the author was trying to point out that security is a concern.  It’s a concern with any  IP-based system.  However, those two sentences wouldn’t  fill his 800 word quota.