A Short Lesson in Writing More Effective Sales and Marketing Copy

5 Common Words that Should Be Banned from Sales Copy – Enchanting Marketing.

A graphic artist sent this to me.  I guess she got tired of the rest of the staff pointing out what could be improved in her work.

I completely agree with everyone of these.  I try to remove these “filler” words from everything I write.  I also take it with a grain of sale when someone uses similar “filler” words when commenting on copy, i.e. “Make it Stronger”, “Make it More Powerful”.  What does that really mean?

Dropping words like this from your style-guide makes turning out copy more difficult for sure, but in the long-run, it will make your writing better.



Carl Reiner once said that NOT being able to use certain words in the early days of television comedy writing forced the writers to come with material that was much funnier and wittier than if they were allowed to use those words.